Sunday, 31 August 2014

Post #20: Beautiful Stranger again

Because it's been a week of meetings, work, and late nights out, and because this weekend is all about devouring Beautiful Bastard (and because Max is still haunting me), here's another teaser from Christina Lauren's Beautiful Stranger:

Monday, 25 August 2014

Post #19: Summer bank holiday weekend

I have to admit, I love London in the summer time. Yes, it could do with a little more sunshine and blue skies, but there's always just so much happening. If you like to work hard and play hard, then this is the place to be. (Well here or Manhattan, but NYC just gets too stinking hot for me!)

My girls and I kicked off the bank holiday weekend with Imogen Heap at the Roundhouse, a performance art show on Saturday, and yesterday we avoided the Notting Hill crowds and headed instead to the South Bank for the Festival of Love. Teasing tangos in the ballroom, and a partner who made The Argentinian's moves look like amateur hour. Yum!

Not so much planned for next weekend - just a quiet dinner party at home and I'm hoping for some great weather and a great book. And lots of great wine.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Post #18: Beautiful Stranger

Would that this blog title applied to my life, but sadly that wasn't meant to be. Seven weeks since I gave The Argentinian the "it's not you" speech and I'm almost regretting it. Okay, only late at night or when I've been reading something thoroughly igniting.

Beautiful Stranger is the Christina Lauren book that kept me entertained on the cross-Atlantic flight last weekend. The perfect read for a trip to New York, though it would have been even more perfect if life had imitated art just a little.

Sexy, funny, darkly intense, thoroughly igniting. I loved it! Only after I read it did I realise this was actually book 2 of a series. I've already downloaded Beautiful Bastard to my Kindle and can't wait for a quiet few nights to read it. Accompanied by a dark red and even darker chocolate, of course.

My favourite quote:

"And then everything in the moment became about the feeling of his mouth on me, his tongue moving over me, his lips pressing words into my skin."

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Post #17: The Prat and the Lollipop

Okay, I’ve recovered now. The problem with my big brother (aside from the fact that he’s a prat) is that I can only take him in small doses. He’s the perfect son and does everything well, follows the rules, does everything society (and my parents) expect of him. He was one of those kids who always coloured inside the lines. You know the type… school prefect, straight As… yes, yes, I know this probably sounds like we don’t get along because I’m jealous of him. I assure you, it’s not.

After all, when we were at school, Olivia was always a straight A student, and she was my best friend and I still love her to bits.

It’s just that The Prat is so sanctimonious. He constantly tells me what I should do, loves to point out every mistake I’ve ever made, and seems to think I’m somehow lacking as a person because I’m not exactly like him.

Thank heavens my parents (exasperated as they get with me) and baby brother Drew still seem to kind of love me as I am or I’d be a complete basket case!

His wife, The Lollipop, isn’t much better. But in her case, I think it’s because she’s always hungry. No one can live on nothing but salad and be happy with life. Yes, she’s skinny enough to be a model, but when last did you meet a truly happy model?

Just in case you haven’t already guessed how she earned her nickname, it’s because of her shape: stick thin with a great big head.

How these two people made such a gorgeous, happy child as my niece Fleur, I’ll never know. Grandmaman says I like Fleur because she’s a lot like me. For her sake, I sincerely hope so!

Fortunately for me, my brother and sister-in-law live far away in France. Perfect son that he is, The Prat is being groomed to take over the family vineyard one day. So at least I only have to make nice with them a few times a year. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Post #16: Summer bank holiday family-style

Since my father's 60th birthday coincided with the bank holiday weekend, I had no choice but to head home and see the family this weekend. Don't misunderstand me: I love my parents, and our family home is the closest thing to paradise on earth, but...
  1. I'm not blind to my parents' faults, and somehow these faults are magnified when they have company. Since birthdays are always reasons for celebration, company was a given this weekend. A 'quiet little family party' usually means about 100 people and this was definitely no quiet, little party. As a result, the greatest entertainment to be had all evening was wondering if my father's latest mistress was there, if his previous mistress was there, and if Mother had yet identified which was which.
  2. My brother Drew (so named for the purposes of this blog thanks to Tangled) wasn't there, nor was my favourite cousin Mimi (both in New York this week) so I had no one to share the more farcical moments of the evening with.
  3. Who was there, however, was my older brother The Prat and his lovely wife, The Lollipop. Neither have any sense of humour. More on them another time because after a weekend spent under the same roof as them I'm afraid I've reached my limit.
Undoubtedly, the best part of the weekend was taking my little niece Fleur fishing in the goldfish pond. We didn't catch anything, but that hour was easily the most fun I had all weekend!

A pond not unlike this one by Eve Livesey on Deviantart