Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Client

Don't expect any further instalments of Poppy's Carribean Adventure for the next couple of weeks. Luca's back in town, and the weather is perfect for staying in bed. Which is where I intend to spend the majority of his visit.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Poppy's Carribean Adventure Part 15

Much later than I planned to post this, but here at last is Instalment 15 of Poppy's Carribean Adventure.

For the previous chapters, click here.

He was bloody hard again. He’d offered his bed to Poppy on impulse, and on reflection it made sense to have the woman responsible for the conference logistics close at hand, but how did he hope to hide his rather obvious desire from her when they were in each other’s space all the time?

This wasn’t like the office where he could shut the door between them, or bolt himself in his private executive bathroom to jack himself off.

This hard-on wasn’t just inconvenient. It was seriously going to wreck their working relationship.

He lifted his face to the spray and felt the shampoo trickle down his back.

What happens in the Caribbean, stays in the Caribbean…
The mantra pulsed through him, in time with the pummelling water of the shower.
Either he needed to set this shower to very, very cold, or… or he could walk out of this bathroom with the desire still pumping through him, and he could see where this went.

He switched off the shower and stood for a long moment before reaching for the towel. His decision was made. And he was a man who always followed through on his decisions.

The lights were off in the bedroom, but in the moonlight falling through the open curtains, flooding the room with bright, white light, he could tell that the bed was empty. A light breeze played with the white curtains.

Gage secured the hotel towel around his waist, picked up the champagne bottle from the bucket of melted ice and two glasses, and headed to the terrace. Poppy leaned against the railing, the sea breeze blowing her loose hair across her cheeks. She didn’t turn to look at him as he paused, setting down the glasses on the small wrought iron table to pop the cork on the champagne. He poured two glasses, and brought them over to her, and at last she turned to him.

“We have to be up early for the conference.” She said, not taking the glass he offered.

“I won’t tell, if you don’t.”

She lifted her gaze to meet his. Her eyes were heavy-lidded again, as they’d been on the plane when she’d come for him. His balls tightened, his erection tented the towel around his hips.

Poppy glanced down his body, her gaze burning him up as it stroked down over his bare chest and settled on his crotch. Her cheeks flushed and for a moment she pressed her eyes closed. He hoped she was remembering his fingers on her, inside her. Because he was.

The woman standing before him wasn’t the self-contained, imperturbable assistant he’d come to rely on. This woman was even sexier, with her pink cheeks and wind-tousled hair.

“It would be a terrible shame to waste such excellent champagne,” he said.

She puffed out her cheeks, and when she opened her eyes again he could see that she had made a decision too. When she reached for the glass he held out to her he didn’t bother to hide his grin of satisfaction.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Welcome to the new year

I'm back!

Before Christmas we moved Grandmaman from her apartment in Paris to my parents' home in the country. She's not thrilled to be living under the same roof as my mother, but after her illness a few months ago and a recent fall, the family were unanimous that she should no longer live alone.
(My mother's not happy about it either, but she would die before admitting it. British stiff upper lip and all that.)

So the holidays weren't exactly festive in the de Savoie house until baby brother Drew arrived, bringing his usual charm and energy. Thank God for Drew and my father's incredibly well stocked wine cellar.

As soon as the usual family obligations had been fulfilled, I headed back to London to party 'From Dusk Till Dawn' to see in the New Year with Amelia, Sophie, Olivia, Stu (and the usual bunch of Stu's friends) - and Drew, who spent the entire weekend with me before heading back to NYC.

Aurelie and Bastien spent Christmas with her family then New Year with his - and I have it on good authority (i.e. Grandmaman, who has decided to fill the days of her enforced retirement in the country by keeping track of all the neighbours) that they had a huge blow up fight on New Year's Eve. Not my monkeys, right?

And so that brings me to the start of 2016. Back at work in grey, dreary, (and very very wet) London.

I'm not making resolutions this year, though if I did they'd probably be exactly the same ones I made last year! But I do promise that Poppy's Caribbean Adventure will resume next week, right here on this blog.