Sunday, 26 October 2014

Post 28: Lady Gaga and the Pop Tarts

So this weekend was all about Lady Gaga at the O2 and a visit from my cousin Marie-Madeleine (and yes, the similarity in our names is because we share a family name). Mimi and I are both named for our Grandmaman, Madeleine, who is quite literally the Grande Dame of our family.

We both also take after her, to the horror of our mothers. Grandmaman is the most elegant woman I have ever met, and everything I ever learned about clothes them that is worth knowing I learned from her. She also says what she thinks, doesn't suffer fools (hence her daughters-in-laws' horror) and believes champagne is the cure for all ills. An incredible woman.

Mimi works in advertising and brought with her half a suitcase of the product du jour: pop tarts. Did you know that this American staple turned 50 last month? Yeah, we can all die happy now, knowing this important fact.

Now if you'll excuse me, I only have Mimi here for one more night, and there is still one bottle of unopened champagne chilling in the fridge...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Post #27: Late night ramblings

My father says I'm more English than French. He makes it sound like that's a bad thing. But really it's their own fault - my parents are the ones who sent me to school in England, not me. So I've never read Moliere or Dumas or Flaubert, and I've only read Guy de Maupassant in English. I did read Sartre once - but that was only in my very brief pretentious period back in uni days.

Actually, I don't think it's the fact that I default to English that disappoints my father. It's what I read.

Personally, I don't think I've done too badly. I mean, I may not have majored in English Lit, but I've done alright. I've read Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen, and some of them even for fun. Okay, so these days the books I read tend to come with naked torsos on the covers, but hell, I'm reading aren't I? Most people my age haven't even cracked open a book since they left school.

I'm self-actualised enough to admit that I'm not highbrow, and I'm okay with that.  And yes, I know I'm rambling. It's late. I've got to be up for work in a few hours, and the only reason I even cracked open this laptop was because there's a fucking expensive bottle of champagne at the end of all this. I need my beauty sleep. The bags-under-eyes look really doesn't work on me.

Good night.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Post #26: My favourite time of year - London Cocktail Week!

Work hard, party hard - that should be my motto. (Not that I tend to work very hard. I chose PR because it feels more like play than work).

Me and my girls (or at least Sophie and Amelia; Olivia joins us less often now she's living with Stu) go out at least a couple of nights of every week. But when London Cocktail Week rolls around, it's every night, thanks to those nifty little armbands and a jam-packed calendar of events.

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Now in its fourth year, this event spans bars and pop-ups across the city. The idea is to introduce punters to new venues and new cocktails. Since we have a tendency to stick to our favourite haunts, it's kind of nice to go out of our comfort zone now and then.

The 'week' (actually about 10 days) started on Monday night with an event made for me: Le Grand Charme, the 'Paris in London' event hosted by Grand Marnier. French barmen, French music & Crêpes Suzettes.

Next night was the Burleigh's Gin pop-up at Merchant House, followedon Wednesday by the Malibu beach party at Maggies in the Fulham Road, where we met a group of cute guys who agreed to meet us again on Friday night for dinner and drinks.

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Thursday night was Cointreau Fizz Fest in Chelsea, and Friday we headed to Holborn to meet the guys at the House of Peroni pop-up. A fun evening, but when Amelia went home with the cutest of them, Sophie and I took off by ourselves to share a bottle of Prosecco at one of our favourite bars.

Saturday was Oivia's birthday, and another reason to celebrate. This time with a quiet little girls only party of our own at home - a couple of bottles of wine, a romantic comedy (Laggies, with Keira Knightley) and comfortable clothes. The perfect night in!

We wrapped up London Cocktail Week on Sunday with a trip to the Angostura Butterfly House, a tropical garden created especially for LCW in Shoreditch. This was by far the highlight of the week for me. The setting was sultry, the butterflies were magical, and I fell in love with the Owl Butterfly cocktail, a delicious mic of rum, passionfruit and mint.

The only problem with LCW is that there was not enough time to see and do everything. We popped into a few of the other bars taking part, but there were some events we had to skip. Hopefully they'll be back nexy year! (5-11 October 2015 - diarise it now!)

But the fun never stops... tonight we have tickets for Ed Sheeran at the O2.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Post #25: Manon and My Parents

My favourite childhood memories are of going to the theatre with my mother – ballet, classical concerts, even the occasional opera. Looking back, I realise now she took us kids less because she wanted us to be culturally sophisticated (though that was true too) but because my father was usually too busy with his own life to go with her.

I’m pretty sure my parents love each other. I mean, they’ve never fought, or even argued in front of us. They seem to enjoy one another’s company enough when they’re together. They’re just not together that often. Between my father’s work (and his girlfriends, though the only place that’s ever been acknowledged is here on the anonymity of this blog, and please god no one in my family works out this is really me!) and my mother’s hectic social and charity schedules, they seem very rarely to be in the same place at the same time.

 Maybe that’s the secret of a lasting marriage? What do you think?

Anyway, I think they’ve done pretty well considering they come from different cultures and countries. Though to be fair, I’ve noticed that people with money and background, no matter where in the Western world they come from, aren’t much different from one another. My father may have been raised in France, but most people would probably call him ‘worldly’, and my mother, born and raised English, has become more French than anyone else I know!

What they have in common is a love for the comforts in life, an almost fanatical belief in the importance of outward appearances, and champagne. So basically, this apple didn’t fall very far from the tree!

Anyway, this is all way off topic. What I really wanted to say, was that I’m really looking forward to seeing Manon at The Royal Ballet this coming week.